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Sweet Lemon Grove-May Club Couture
SKU: SCB2126149
$19.99 USD

We’ve designed this one as a beautiful statement all on its own, but don’t be afraid to pull out the bits and pieces and create something new. You want a 5” x 5” Double-Sided Box Frame (item S203104) with just the lemon and leaves on it? Make it! You want to build a statement that says, “Home. Where troubles melt like lemon drops”? Do it! You want a gorgeous Reclaimed Metal Tray (item S193118) with the full, large “GROVE” design? You’ll love it! You want to chalk a Tag Mini (item S194121) with the phrase, “Squeeze the day”? You can do it! You want a sassy little dance-inspired piece that says “Sweet GROOVE”? We’re sure you could make that happen with just a bit of finagling.

What we’re saying is that when Chalk CoutureTM gives you lemons, you can make some pretty sweet lemon-themed projects!

This month’s Club Couture subscription includes Chalkology® Paste Singles in Bumblebee, Meadow, and Storm.