Chalk Couture

Chalking- Won’t Stop / Can’t Stop So I have found I love CREATING, whether that be sewing, crocheting or chalking. I enjoy being surrounded by creative people. Colors, designs - ALL THE OPTIONS- Love it. I really came into my own with being an artistic person in the last two years. Chalking/Inking allows a stress relief activity, where I can just focus on the project and create a beautiful piece of décor/clothing. When I can then sell or gift it to someone else who loves it as much as I do, that is the cherry on top. I consider this opportunity a triple threat. I don't know any other company where you can sell the product, create items from the product and hold parties. It is so exciting to have someone in a class who doesn't believe they are creative or artistic, then to have them create something they love. It is fun sharing the love of crafting!