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Measure Stir Bake Frost

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What’s baking in your oven today? Recognize the deliciousness with the Measure Stir Bake Frost Transfer. The words alone fit a 10” x 10” surface, or larger if you’d like a nice border. Use the accenting set of mixing bowls to fill a space such as our Couture BoutiqueTM Board Sylvie White Frame (Black, 9” x 12”, item S193102), shown here. We love the look of this Transfer on any of our 9” x 12” surfaces such as our Pennant Banner (9” x 12”, item S193111) or Farmhouse Pallet Sign (9” x 12”, item S191104). This is cute for any baker’s apron as well. The distressed, rustic feel of the font makes it easy to get a consistent look and to be successful. You’ll know it was an easy, DIY project, but others will think you slaved away all day on it! 

And do you see how we nested the bowls inside each other? Just use a bit of Placement Tape (item T183101) and contrasting paste colors to achieve that look. Adora-bowl, right?