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Your Designer Is:
  • Michelle Bryant

  • Hello beautiful! So glad you are here and interested in Chalk Couture. I jumped into Chalk Couture because it's easy, beautiful, and can be changed for any season or feeling! I think you will enjoy making beautiful home decor that is on trend, beautiful and quick and easy to do! Be sure to check out my blog at emptynestdiy.com for design ideas, techniques and lots of how-tos! Can't wait to connect with you! Hugs & Cheers, Michelle

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Chalk Couture is on a mission to light the world. Our charitable partner, Watts of Love brings light to people who need it most, distributing solar lighting and education to those living without electricity around the world.



Watts of Love and Chalk Couture are committed to bringing light and education to the parts of the world that face extreme poverty. Through WOL’s innovative, affordable, and renewable solar lighting, they’ve brightened the lives of many people. This vision aligns so well with Chalk Couture’s dedication to dare, to care, and to share our light with others. Together, we strive to spread our light across the world.




Join our mission and share your light with those who need it most

  • Round up! When you shop online, round your order up to the nearest dollar to donate. This donation will go directly to Watts of Love.
  • Buy a unique Watts of Love Transfer and generate a $2 USD donation! Watts of Love Transfers will add an inspiring touch to any project.
  • Add a Watts of Love donation to your order, and it will go directly to Watts of Love.
  • Talk to your Designer! Many Chalk Couture Independent Designers have their own means of donating to Watts of Love. Ask your Designer today what more you can do to help.





Watts of Love® provides a solution to the world’s darkness and reduces the use of toxic kerosene with solar lighting. They empower people through financial literacy, education, and lighting. Help eradicate the use of dangerous kerosene and end global poverty.