Autumn Krauska


Chalk Couture

Hey, I’m Autumn Krauska!!!! I’m a Couturier Designer with Chalk Couture. I absolutely LOVE our products and have the joy and amazing opportunity to share,learn and grow with you. Becoming a designer can bring so many new experiences, friendships, support, incentives and financial rewards. Being creative is wonderful and Chalk Couture offers just that whether you want to build a business or simply enjoy it as a hobby. I started with Chalk Couture in September 2017, just two months after they launched. I instantly fell in love with the product as I hope you do as well! My team is The A Team. I love to spoil my team and treat them to amazing incentives and rewards! Our team spans across the USA so no matter where you are we would LOVE for you to join us! I am also a wife to my wonderful husband Brandon, Mom to the best 2 kids, Speech Pathologist, Photographer and Christ follower. You can never be too busy to fit crafts/creating/chalk couture in your life...I promise :)