Chalkology™ Paste Singles Palette Pack-Grateful (6-Pack)
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Make your statement with creamy dreamy™ chalk paste that can be quickly applied to any hard surface. It’s washable, forgiving when wet, and offers a hard, matte finish when dry. Specially formulated for use with Chalk Transfer® designs and Chalk Couture™ surfaces.


This Chalkology® Paste Singles Palette Pack includes 6 singles (.19 fl. oz. each). Colors included in this pack are Current Jam, Shimmer Pumpkin, Shimmer Harvest, Pesto, Camel, and Bright White. All expertly combined to help you bring your creative fantasies to fruition. Our paste goes far! One palette pack will get you through multiple chalk designs! Palette packs are great for workshops, sharing with friends, chalking on the go, and creating unified sets of projects.