Magic in the making!
Easy, high-end DIY home décor! Chalk Couture™ offers a line of innovative, exclusive, and unmatched products, including:
  • Chalk Transfer™ designs—exclusive reusable mesh textile screens.
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  • Chalkology™ Paste—washable, non-toxic, and fun to use, our formula dries in minutes when applied to a surface via a Transfer.
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  • Chalkology™ Ink—ideal for a permanent application, our ink is available in a variety of custom colors and works well with Transfers.
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  • Framed boards and surfaces—Our surfaces are unique to Chalk Couture and show off our designs in your choice of one-time or reusable options.
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  • Tools and Accessories—our supporting cast completes your experience, including our Fuzzing Cloth, Multi-Tool, squeegees, Transfer Tote, and more.
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