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This House Was Clean Try-Me Kit

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Sometimes real life is just real life! Announce it unapologetically in a cute and modern handwritten, skinny typeface font, “This house was clean yesterday. Sorry you missed it.” And whether “yesterday” actually means yesterday—or perhaps your house hasn’t been clean in a bit longer than that—we don’t mind. We just love your cute sign!

Try-Me Kits are all the fun of Chalk Couture™ in one easy, affordable kit. Get everything you need to make a complete project at 20% off retail price! The kit includes how-to instructions to guide you through the process. When you’re done with the designed project, you’ll have a gorgeous décor piece, plus an A-sized Transfer and Mini Squeegee to use for future chalk projects!

The included surface is reversible and reusable, which means with just a few additional supplies (talk to your Designer), you can create another project on the back side for any other special occasion or holiday.

This kit includes one each of the following:

  • Surface: Board & Base (S203109)
  • Transfer: This House Was Clean (A2111108)
  • Chalkology™ Paste Singles: Bright White, Couture Teal
  • Tool: Mini Squeegee