Sarah Strunk


Chalk Couture

Hi! I'm Sarah. I'm an Air Force Wife, Boymom, lover of coffee, leggings and all things crafty! I'm a DIY blogger, and have been building a business while being home for my family for the last 10 years! I'm passionate about serving others and helping my team become the very best they aspire to be and helping them see their potentional! I absolutely fell in LOVE with Chalk Couture after trying the products! They are amazing and yes, 2 years later I still say "Oh My GOSH!" when I pull a transfer off! Its the ultimate DIY satisfaction! I'm currently a Master Couturier with Chalk Couture which is our highest rank in the company. When I'm not Rocking my Chalk, you can find me spending time with my family and planning my next trip with my wonderful Chalk family! I love to travel and Chalk Couture has provided me with the amazing oppurtunity to travel about 5 times a year! It's been a wonderful journey!